Colour Services

Our technical team specialise in different areas of colour, they also have different areas of expertise and so charge accordingly, from colourist to advanced colourist, colour spectialist to colour director. Our reception team can help you with the choice of team member or you can check the team profiles to see their specialist skills. 

They also have different tastes, as do our clients, this is why colour prices really are HOW LONG IS A PIECE OF STRING...

We have tried to simplify the price list without removing the room for individuality, please call us and we can give you a better quote or pop in for a free consultation.



Full head - from £130 / £150 / £170 / £190

Half head - from £115 / £130 / £140/ £150

Partial - from £85 / £90 / £100 / £120

All Over Colouring / Tints and Semi Permanent

from £75/ £75 / £85/ £90

Bleach and Tone’s a how long is a piece of string question, call us for an estimate!

short hair - £100/£110/£120/£130

medium - £115/125/135/145

long thick - £125/£135/£145/£155

Virgin Hair

Short - £90/ £100 / £110 / £120

Medium - £115 / £125 / £135 / £145

Long / Thick - £125 / £135/ £145 / £155


from - £100/£110/£120/£130

Creative Toning

from £35 / £70

Gents Enhancer / Blend them away


Balayage / Freehand Colouring

Now this is really the HOW LONG IS A PIECE OF STRING question!

From blondes to brunettes, from redheads to the unique - freehand colouring has become the new way of coloured hair.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give you an accurate quote until we meet you as this technique is personal and unique to every single client, which is how hair should be treated! It’s the same with price.

Here you pay for time - a little bit of colour is a lower price than a more complex colour - meet your artist and discuss your ideas, or send us a picture of 'you now' and the 'dream you' and we can be more accurate!

Partilal Balayage or Surface Enhancing - from £90 / £95 / £105 / £120

1/2 head (Soft Sunkissed Balayage ) - from £115/ £125/ £135/ £145

Full head ( Long thick hair / Change of colour / More colour) - from £125 / £145 / £165 / £185

Or as an estimate for you please see below as a guideline:

Subtle £75 /  Natural £110 /  More £125 / Even more £150 / Loads £170 / Dramatic £250.........

Colour Change / Correction

The ball of string just got longer - but it's not always as complicated or as expensive as you might think!

Each case is different and we insist you come in and speak to us.

Innoluxe / Olaplex / Smartbond

We can understand that you feel you are constantly being sold to everywhere you go - walking down the street, on the end of a phone - we get it!


when your hairdresser recommends that to keep you hair in good condition and that you need to put this magic potion in … then listen - the results speak for themselves.

We charge £20 for a single dose, and believe me, we are definitely one of the cheapest salons! The reason we keep the price down is because we want you to have it - your hair quality makes us look better - when your hair shines so do we!

Cutting / Finishing Service

Choose the right artist for you and your personality!

If you don’t know - let us help you decide! Pick up the phone and talk to us.

Experience Cut and Finish Blowdry only
Advanced stylist 65 40
Senior stylist 75 45
Top stylist 80 45
Senior Top Stylist 90 55
Master stylist 100 55
Cutting Director 105 65
Artistic director 125 -

Weddings and Special Events

Our wedding specialists will look after every aspect of your special day from the wedding trial to the bridal party. And believe us our wedding team are as passionate about weddings as you are, they just go married themselves!

Our special events specialists will ensure that the look you have is the right look for the event, from simple and sophisticated, to themed. They love their craft. Let us help you choose the correct artist … not all hairdressers love it and everyone has their own style - so pick up the phone and chat or send us an email to

Salon Treatments

Hair treatments and shot treatments give back to the hair what you have taken away, did you know that the easiest hair to manage is the hair in the best condition? That volume holds longer if you have happy hair? That colour won't fade as quickly if your cuticle is nourished!

Shot treatments are just £15 and can be asked for on the day, intensive treatments start from £30 - 45 and you need to book that with your appointment and come in half an hour earlier.

Keratin / Brazilian / Permanet Blowdry

If you have hair that is just ahhhh! and the frizz just won't behave, is your hair waving in all the wrong places, do you hate your hair when it rains?

Well so do we!

It’s a magical service for the unmanageable to become manageable, and the clients love it.

It’s a bit long winded so bring a book! But worth the end result.

Prices start from £200 - £280. For really thick or long hair (lucky you), it could be higher depending on thickness and length and the time it takes to tame it.