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What Makes You You?

We are an award winning hairdresser in London who exist to make you reflect who you are on the inside - outside.

We are an award winning hairdresser in London.

Style is about who you are on the inside being reflected on the outside.

Brooks and Brooks are here to find you the right person to craft your style.

Meet the Team.

Our team is here to help you broadcast your personality to the world, so you need an artist with a personality that fits yours.

That’s why each of our team members are individual and we celebrate their uniqueness. Read their profiles and pick the right artist for you!

Meet the Team

Meet Dave

This is Dave. He’s not a hairdresser. He’s a Robot. In fact that’s exactly what makes him so rubbish at hairdressing. Because hairdressers aren’t robots, they’re artists. We take great pride in making sure you have the experience you deserve, and as cute as he is, we promise you that no one like Dave will ever cut your hair at Brooks and Brooks.